First to do AR on Instagram.

You're probably thinking; what could be done and why?

Instagram has chosen us as part of their limited early access augmented reality (AR) on the app. Meaning we can create experiences, but can't publish until launch end of Q4.


Here is a short PDF explaining why + case studies and here are a few examples of what we have done before. William Hill and Optrex with poplar (an agency) and we have also pitched a filter idea here and here (PDF on Google Drive). We could even create an AR mini-games. Furthermore, AR could be used for helpful use cases like this or to see products at life scale at home like this not just promotion ads. Would love to have a chat with you about what these possibilities could be done and throw around a few ideas. Let me know if you are interested. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Key Benefits

First mover advantage.


Marketing. PR. Promotions. Engagement.

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