FuelWell is an additional equipment for engines, work with any type of engine (EURO-6, EURO-5, EURO-4 and below). It doesn't change fuel composition, easy to install, without parts


FuelWell's mission is to help enterprises and private drivers make their vehicles and fleets more sustainable, safe, and cost-efficient.
FuelWell product is already on the market, and we can provide testing and using on your vehicles.
FuelWell device has proved results in practice and laboratory tested.

Key Benefits

ACCEPTABLE: it works for both gasoline and diesel engines
INNOVATIVENESS: FuelWell patented and belongs to "KNOW-HOW"
GUARANTEE: proven maximum performance of the device for 24 months
COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: reduce logistics costs!
ECO SAVING: reduce emissions of NOx, CO, CO2, PM10, PM2.5
EFFICIENCY: reduce Fuel Consumption by 5% to 20% and Harmful Emissions by 30 to 50%. Fast payback with ROI of 2 – 15 months
EASY to USE: Simple installation, no electrical hookups
FLEXIBILITY: Installation on any type of vehicle. Wide model range


- Heavy and light trucks
- Public transport
- Passenger cars, vans
- Fixed installations/engines
- Agricultural transport
- Railway transport
- Water transport
- Construction machinery

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