GaitSmart - a sensor system that measures gait kinematics in a clinical setting to the same accuracy as an optical gait lab in 10 minutes and can provide exercises automatically


GaitSmart measures gait kinematics quickly and accurately in a home or clinical setting, such as a GP’s office. The data is presented in an easy to understand report, which users and clinicians can understand, using simple traffic light coding to identify areas of concern. It can be used to measure anyone who can walk, including older people reliant on walking aids.
This report helps individuals understand their issues. It can also be used to provide personalise exercises when appropriate, for example older people at risk of falling. The report provides motivation to adhere to exercises when provided.
GaitSmart has been used extensively in a range of clinical applications, including joint replacement, knee OA and older people at risk of falls or who have fallen. One GaitSmart intervention study with the NHS monitored older patients who have fallen and under the care of a community hospital. These patients received four GaitSmart sessions and an automated GaitSmart personalised exercise programme after each one. The results show a clear clinical and health economic benefit.
GaitSmart is also being used to determine how gait alters with Knee Osteoarthritis in a large EU programme with three pharmaceutical companies.
With the drive towards digital healthcare and personalised medicine, this new innovation offers significant advancement in treating people with common conditions.

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