Galvatip, is a revolutionary patent transdermal skincare transfusion and drug delivery technology, for consumer use. It is easy to use, non-invasive, safe and affordable.


Non-invasive methods for the transdermal application of compositions, such as skin care or pharmaceutical compositions, are desirable, as they allow the transdermal application of the composition in question without breaking the surface of the skin.
By applying and massaging skincare on our skin, skin care ingredients are either absorbed into our hand and finger's skin cells before passing through; pass around and then through or simply spill, evaporate or get wasted!
Often, the question is,

GalvaTip ™ consists of a container that opens via a small lid that holds the composition, such as skincare. After squeezing the product in the device and closing the lid, the user can simply push the product into the skin, through Iontophoresis mechanism, vibrating rollers, heat and an electromotive force that is powered by a small rechargeable lithium battery, inside the device. This way, products could easily be forced into the deeper layers of the skin and simplify the transfusion of the cream or drug, without any spillage, evaporation, cross-contamination or wasting.

Through GalvaTip ™, penetration can be up to 400 times more than a normal application.

The benefits of this process for the skin are that it gives it a ‘surge’ of skin care product infusion that has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, leaving it glowing and bright, plus consumers can save money, its hygienic and practical.

Global Cosmetic Skin Care market shows a CAGR between 4.7 % and 5.3 % from 2017 to 2023 and was worth USD 130.7 Billion in 2018.

Be Part of a Revolution in Global Skincare Use & Packaging Technology

Key Benefits

- Increase in skin penetration of skincare or liquid-form drug compositions
- Increase customer satisfaction by saving on valuable skincare and money
- Safe, easy to use and hygienic
- Stores up to 30 ml product, which can be securely applied onto the skin, when is convenient, without the risk of spillage or hand contamination
- Can be rinsed and re-used for several years
- It is equipped with skin, "moisture-sensor", that identifies if, the skin is oily or dry to better understand the skin health conditions.
- Comes with rechargeable batteries
- Affordable ( retail price $49.99)


Galvatip is suitable for any individual, at any age or sex, who wants to apply skincare, oil, sun lotion, serum, moisturizer or liquid medication onto her/his skin.
- Retail Pharmacies
- Medical practitioners
- Beauty salons, Medspas, Massage centers, dermatologists
-Skincare manufacturing & distribution
- Online retail stores, social media

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