Gamification of wellness

Live active and Level UP!

Using a platform of games and apps to reward users to make better wellness decisions and be more active, lowering claims rates and costs for health/life insurers.


LVLFi gamifies exercise via a platform of mobile games. We have a provisional patent on the counting and conversion of steps to a virtual currency that can be spent for in game and real life rewards. By encouraging users to exercise more, we significantly lower their risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. In turn, this lowers health and life insurance premiums, with the case study being Appirio, a 400 person software company, that partnered with their health provider, Anthem, in giving their employees Fitbits and taking a step challenge. By doing so, they reduced their insurance premium by 6%, or $280k. We operate on a SaaS Enterprise model, charging $1 per employee per month, with out first customer signed, an insurer with 2M policy holders.

Key Benefits

Customer Engagement & Customer Wellness More active employees/insured lowers chronic disease rates, lowers claims and costs for corporate/insurer Marketing benefits Customer acquisition and customer retention


Distributed via a standalone app (+ suite of mobile games as required) that encourage the employee/insured to be more active and win prizes for doing so. Users play the app/games, which make them healthier, and gives their step/activity data to use for insurance cost reduction.

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