Service Robotics have developed GenieConnect®, a solution that uses a digital companion to enable extended independent living for older adults receiving domiciliary care support.


There are 1.2 million chronically lonely older people in the UK alone.
“Ageing at Home” is impossible without the right support.
Social Care funding is squeezed in the face of demand for more, better care.
There wouldn’t be enough care workers even if there were funding for them
Our mission is to enable extended independence for older adults through loneliness alleviation and better domiciliary care. Our breakthrough solution to the challenge of our ageing society is offered as a tool to domiciliary care providers and Local Authorities, to help them close the gap between demand and resources. As well as domiciliary car, our first applications are in retirement living and home-from-hospital scenarios.
The Covid crisis has brought the isolation of older adults into sharp focus. "Ageing at Home” is an acknowledged solution to our social care crisis, and technology adoption is the solution.

Key Benefits

The key benefits to the customers in our beachhead market of domiciliary care are:
Business efficiencies associated with less miles driven
The ability to offer more and better care without increasing resource requirements
The ability to reduce carer stress by giving them the tools to do their job more efficiently
A differentiated offering compared to other care providers
An opportunity to offer a light touch first step on the care journey, before physical visits are necessary.
The ability to penetrate private paying care market

The benefits to the service users are:
Better medication compliance leading to less interventions
Reduced loneliness due to increased connectivity withtheir circle of care, including cares and loved ones
Greater feeling of support
Improved mental health
The ability to stay in their own home for longer


Domiciliary Care Providers
Communal Living complexes
Local Authorities commissioning older adult care

500,000 people in the UK receive domiciliary care support from one of 10,000 care providers, representing an estimated £600M market opportunity.
This market is developing fast, and with our commercial launch already underway, it is perfectly timed to take advantage of the growing requirement for remote care - the acceptance of Age-tech solutions - fuelled by resource constraints and Covid-19​.

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