In partnership with Avery Dennison, we propose using RFID/GS1 QR codes alongside Infor Nexus and to provide global item traceability from source to end customer. and


Utilising QR Code capability alongside RFID capability - provides businesses with the capability to use the RFID tag capability to track product through out the supply chain and with QR codes to interact with the end-consumer. RFID tags can be used across the entire supply chain, reducing manual labour and costs.
This information can be fed directly into Infor Nexus to trace product from the factory across the entire supply chain, interacting with carriers, freight forwarders and supporting item level tracking to support better decision making. can aggregate the data to provide to the end consumer. Such as carbon emissions, miles travelled, sustainability and driving the end-consumer for re-order.

We work with companies such as Puma and Adidas currently deploying this form of technology.

Key Benefits

By using the power of the Infor Nexus global logistics platform alongside, Avery Dennison's RFID/QR code capability using GS1 global standard QR coding provides the opportunity to track item visibility from manufacturer through the entire supply chain and on to the end consumer. Allowing the end consumer the ability to scan the QR code and be sent to RS Components item page to re-order. Information such as origin, carbon footprint for the product, miles travelled, item numbers and unique information can be retrieved and provided to the end customer. With Nexus and Avery Dennison combined solutions the product can be completely tracked throughout its supply chain journey from source to end consumer.

We have collaborative relationships with Puma and Adidas providing this closed-loop solutions to create a circular supply chain and further interact with the end consumer.


Infor Nexus - Global Visibility Platform
Avery Dennison RFID Tag/QR Code using GS1 global technology

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