This video explains the concept This second video shows the app


You can think of gloo as your very own personal concierge that gets you and your friends together in real life. Basically gloo proactively sends you a notification when friends are close and available. If you accept to see them, we propose a couple of places based on everyone’s preferences and location.

Key Benefits

- We save users time when organizing their events.
- We help get people off their phones and re-connected in real life.
- We help users discover new places and things to do close by.


We help re-connect people in real life.

This has significant mental health benefits and this is one of the reasons why we were voted as an Impact By Design startup by the French Public Investment Bank (BPI) and the France Digitale organisation.

The fact that we connect friends in real life in local bars and restaurants also generates additional revenue for local economies.

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