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Miniaturized GPS tracking technology built into footwear to enable 2 - way tracking of individuals from the comfort of the smart phone or PC. Target markets include:

Seniors: Individual caregivers or nursing homes looking after people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. One of the dangerous symptoms of the disease is to ‘wander off’ and become disorientated or lost. Patients also reject or forget unfamiliar objects such as pendants or watches but maintain their ability and memory to get dressed. The patented technology has been seen by many in the industry as the only reliable, secure approach to addressing the ‘wandering’ problem linked to the disease

Children: Concerned parents or those looking after autistic children where wandering or running off are a big concern. As a parent, it gives the peace of mind of knowing where your child is outside of the home, anytime, anyplace.

 Other features:  Set up virtual perimeters, called Geo Zones around certain locations like a house or school and receive SMS alert messages if an individual steps outside or into monitored areas.   

SOS and voice services available   

Patent Portfolio

19 Issued U.S. patents and International coverage under PCT.

No encumbrances or lawsuits linked to the portfolio.

Business Model

Sale of Hardware plus recurring revenues from monthly/annual data service sales.

Company can provide licensee of portfolio complete go to market kit including product, data services and backend admin tools.


Regional or worldwide.

Other information

Company is a public company on the U.S. stock market; recognized as one of the leaders in 2 way GPS tracking technology in the Wearable Technology space. Huge amount of consumer interest in technology demonstrably shown by incredible amount of consumer and trade press coverage from national broadcasters, print and other media.

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