Data driven work in the life sciences via a hypergraph enables efficient exploration of public and private data to predict, identify and create novel relationships in your data.


Grakn is a database technology that serves as the knowledge base foundation to intelligent systems. Grakn allows intelligent systems to interpret complex datasets as a single body of knowledge that can be logically reasoned over - a critical process in human cognition and until now not practicable for computers to do. Grakn removes the database restraints and imposes the structures to allow reasoning and inference over vast and expandable data sets, a vital component for the next development of AI systems and applications.

Key Benefits

Knowledge Schema: An insanely intuitive & expressive data schema, with constructs to define hierarchies, hyper-entities, hyper-relations and rules, to build rich knowledge models.

Automated Reasoning: An intelligent language that performs logical inference of data types, relationships, attributes and complex patterns, during runtime, and over distributed & persisted data.

Distributed Analytics: Out-of-the-box distributed analytics (Pregel and MapReduce) algorithms, accessible through the language through simple queries.


Life Sciences:
- Drug Discovery
- Metadata Management
- Precision Medicine
- Expert Systems
- Recommendation Engine
- Machine Learning

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