Green Preservation Technology

A sustainable, safe, consumer friendly solution to the preservative problem.

The technology provides a green solution against spoilage by bacteria & fungi. The technology generally relates to formulations for food, personal care, and industrial products.


Cosmetics, food & beverage, and industrial product companies suffer massive losses, in the billions of dollars, due to microbial contamination. This problem is compounded by increasing consumer hostility to conventional preservatives which has sent many firms scrambling to develop new, consumer friendly alternatives to modern preservatives. The prototype we designed is a formula consisting of several safe, sustainable ingredients designed to provide superior protection against bacteria & fungi in several products .

Key Benefits

• Enrich known and published antimicrobial capabilities of targeted naturally derived organic acids with powerful bactericidal and antifungal properties with strong efficacy against dangerous yeast, molds, and gram positive/ negative bacteria like Listeria, e-Coli, Black Mold, and Salmonella • Provide this broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection with one application • All organic, supporting Green and Clean Label Standards, formulated from components that will comply with regulatory standards outlined by the FDA, EPA and other US and international regulatory bodies • Extends shelf life and eliminates Post Harvest food wastage, while extending food protection and safety • We have no to low impact of food quality and taste • Formulations are easy to manufacture, store, transport and apply. These solutions allow for foodstuffs to be easily sprayed, bathed, or added as an ingredient for both antifungal and bactericidal protections • Formulations are based on existing and mass manufactured components allowing our potential licensing and distribution partners to leverage existing assets and supply chains • We provide a powerful solution for developing regions of the world that lack the required infrastructure for alternative food preservation techniques as Cold Storage, Pressure Packaging or Irradiation Treatments • We are better, faster & cheaper with manufacturing cost sub $.01-$.20 per pound of food preserved. At or below industry benchmark costs requirements • Our products deliver significant foodstuff protection within a broad pH range from 3.5-7.5


-Food & Beverage -Cosmetics -Medicine -Industrial Products -Clothing

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