Give us training material, and we'll automatically generate review questions. We can then tailor the learning experience to each individual learner based on their comprehension.


We are the current Sole Source Authority firm for the US Department of Defense in the areas of generative content and adaptive learning, and we have deployed our solution into various parts of the DoD. Our AI platform is able to ingest and parse text-based content. From there, it can generate questions covering sections within the content. Administrators or instructors can organize questions into evaluations for learners, or our software can make suggestions. Depending on how learners progress through evaluations, the system can adapt to provide learners with the review material and evaluation material they need to fill gaps in their comprehension.

Key Benefits

Our generative content and adaptive learning results in faster course completion time, longer content retention time, and a more enjoyable education experience for learners. It saves subject matter experts and teachers valuable time.


Safety training, compliance training, professional training, customer training.

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