Helping the development of a novel urinary diagnostic for HCC


Hepatocellular Carcinoma, or HCC, is the third biggest cause of cancer-related deaths around the world. HCC’s aetiology is widely studied and major risk factors include conditions that cause liver cirrhosis, such as chronic Hepatitis B and C infections, and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Curative treatments are available for early and intermediate stage HCC. Unfortunately, detecting HCC early is still a challenge. We have identified, using NMR and mass spectrometry, a panel of urinary biomarkers with the ability to differentially diagnose individuals with HCC vs non-HCC liver disease and healthy individuals. The identification of this metabolic phenotype will help the development of a novel urinary diagnostic for HCC. Innovations has filed patents across a number of territories claiming the panel of biomarkers and is currently looking for co-development or licensing partners. When contacting us, please quote reference number 5515.

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