Headless Loyalty Platform that allows to build a custom Loyalty Program & allows a seamless integration with any existing or future third-party marketing solutions a brand is using


Currency Alliance is the Headless Loyalty Platform that allows brands to build an entirely custom loyalty program on top of its API in less than a week and create a new loyalty currency in less than 30 minutes.
Currency Alliance provides different modules of a loyalty program architecture as cloud-based microservices which gives a brand total flexibility over how they want to engage customers across any channel. This Microservice Architecture allows a seamless integration with any existing or future third-party marketing solutions (CRM, Campaign Management System…) a brand might be using, so it complements the organization’s existing tech stack.
This also means that a brand stays in control of their customer journey, experience, and data.

Currency Alliance’s intuitive Management Portal enables to easily setup any type of accrual purchase rules, as well as accrual rules for non-purchase activities – such as responding to surveys, referrals, birthdays, empowering this way an emotional engagement.

As a redemption option, the Currency Alliance platform provides access to more than 4,500 gift cards in 60 different fiat currencies, so companies can choose any gift card from the Currency Alliance listing or create their own branded gift cards with discount codes, technology equipment or any other product or service they want to offer.

Easy API integration and 35 highly optimized endpoints completely eliminate the bottleneck that is often the IT department. Most of Currency Alliance’s clients have completed their integration in couple of days. What’s very important here is that thanks to the API-first approach the Currency Alliance platform can easily work with Electrocomponents and support the brand in increasing loyalty and engagement with its customers in a fast and scalable way.

Brands such as Agilent, Live Nation, Under Armour, Reynolds American, Gameshow Network, Showtime, and TD Bank built entirely custom loyalty solutions on top of Currency Alliance’s API and use the accrual and redemption services at high volume on a daily basis.

In addition, once a company creates it own loyalty program, it can also easily establish loyalty collaborations with local and global brands through Currency Alliance’s second solution: a Global B2B Loyalty Marketplace. The Marketplace enables multi-brand collaboration and any type of accrual, exchange, and redemption transaction between partnering brands.
The Currency Alliance platform also provides a solution for brands that do not have or are not willing to create their own loyalty currency. It enables any company to become an Issuing Partner of other popular loyalty currencies, meaning, a brand can issue another brands’ loyalty value as a customer incentive.

Key Benefits

Currency Alliance’s solution helps to build a custom Loyalty Program without a need of any investment in additional technology. As a “headless” loyalty platform, Currency Alliance can easily be placed along side any system the company is currently using and work seamlessly with any of its current CRM, CMS or Campaign Management platforms, as well as any other third-party solution.
Currency Alliance’s loyalty program setup and integration takes less than 1 week, thanks to easy API integration and more than 30 optimized endpoints therefore it completely eliminates the bottleneck that is often the IT department.

Currency Alliance is a SaaS platform, nevertheless there is no setup cost or a fixed monthly fee to use the platform. Brands can freely and at no cost create loyalty programs or loyalty collaborations with other brands as well as use all the value-added services available on the platform. While other loyalty service providers cost ranges from 10.000 euros to even 2M euros, Currency Alliance charges only 2% of the loyalty value of points or miles issued to a Member, which often works out to 0.02% of the incremental revenue, which is almost nothing, and completely ‘pay-as-you-go’.

The Currency Alliance platform has a very intuitive and complete Management Portal, that also provides value-added services, such as consolidated invoices as well as automated reconciliation and settlement in case of loyalty collaborations, which would enable Electrocomponents to manage all of its 9 brands in 1 single place. This has been proved to decrease the indirect administrative costs by up to 35%.

The Currency Alliance platform also enables to setup any type of accrual rules to reward members based on their purchasing behavior, their profile or even a tier. It also empowers emotional engagement through accrual rules for non-purchase activities – such as responding to surveys, referrals, birthdays.

As a Marketplace, the Currency Alliance platform also makes available many types of redemption options, such as carbon offsets, digital game credits, and more than 4.500 gift cards in 60 different currencies, so brands can offer more freedom and choice to their Members. Brands can also create their own custom gift cards for a technology equipment or discount codes or any other product or services they would like to offer to their Members.


Loyalty program or a loyalty initiative is a powerful tool to engage, incentivize and reward customers. It should sit at the heart of any brand's marketing.
The Currency Alliance platform supports any company that wants to increase customer engagement by capturing data and providing meaningful and personalized experiences to its customers. It also supports any company that is looking to differentiate its brand from competitors and becoming its customer’s first choice by providing additional value to its current offerings. Also companies, that are looking to decrease cost of customer retention by making their customers feel appreciated with personalized offers, and the right message at the right time as well as stimulate customer frequency and increase basket sizes by allowing customers to earn and exchange their points for something of emotional interest.

Any company regardless of its size, industry, or geographic presence can use our platform. Companies might be looking to create a custom Loyalty Program or establish loyalty partnerships with other brands but all of them have the same end goal – which is to Maximize the Lifetime Value of their customers.

Our target market are retail brands, financial institutions, convenience stores, as well as airlines and hotel chains.

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