hemotune Ltd develops an extracorporeal blood purification technology based on nanoengineered magentic beads that allows selective removal of compounds at highest efficiency.


hemotune develops the HemoSystem, a medical device system for highly efficient and selective therapeutic removal of large biomolecules directly from blood. It consists of the HemoDevice, a dialysis like machine maintaining an extracorporeal circuit, the HemoDisposable, a disposable kit of plastic tubing and parts to channel the blood and the HemoSorbent, a mixture of magnetic sorbent beads specific to the target compounds. The beads contain a magnetic core, a polymer coating to avoid unspecific adsorption and specific binding sites (i.e. antibodies, peptides) that only attach to a desired target.
In the HemoDevice the HemoSorbent beads are contacted with the blood, bind to the target and are subsequently removed by a magnetic filter unit in the HemoDevice. Therefore the HemoSorbent is only applied extracorporeally and does not enter the body.

An explainer video can be found here: https://youtu.be/6udmA-osgPk

Key Benefits

- selective removal
- ultra high purification efficiency
- multi-target capability
- intrinsic safety


Applications are in highly selective therapeutic removal of large biomolecules directly from blood.
The first therapy under development is designed to restore adequate immune balance in sepsis induced persistent immunosuppression.

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