Our patented miniature, precision control valves were developed to perform in the harshest environments and can be customised and manufactured to meet individual specifications.


High Performance Miniature Valves for Precision Control Applications

As a result of the Open University’s development of GC-MS instrumentation for the Rosetta space mission, our patented miniature control valves have been designed to perform in the harshest environments, have extended operational lifespans and efficiently manage finite resources. The high-performance valves can be customised and manufactured to meet specific operational requirements in terms of different fluids/gases, temperatures, pressures and flow rates.

We are now exploring additional uses for space instrumentation and propulsion systems, as well as numerous terrestrial applications. We have two valve variants, actuated using either thermal expansion or the piezoelectric effect. Our valves are electrically driven; elegant in design, small, light, robust, low power, fast actuating, with extremely low leak rate and are capable of acting as an ‘on/off’ as well as a proportionally, that can store and then aliquot extremely high pressures gases (and potentially liquids) with the desired flow rates.

As we are unable to publish performance data for our customer-used valves, The Open University has data from independent testing commissioned to evidence the operational tolerances of our valves.

We are looking for applications in both existing and new industries, where valves facilitate essential functions in processes: rugged and robust environments; fast response; control of pressurised gases/fluids; conservation of finite resources for longer operational life; operational reliability and accuracy; finite power budget.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Our valves benefit from:
• having no rubber/plastic parts in the wetted part
• containing metal components that are (or can be made) resistant to most fluids
• a very low leak rates in their closed state
• rapid actuation times
• very little power consumption by the piezo variant
• stability over a large temperature range (both variants)
These benefits can be enhanced further, when combined with closed-loop modular systems incorporating sensors and other modules. With our manufacturing partner, we can offer customised valves and production at scale.



Analytical instruments; Low carbon propulsion; Hydrogen fuel cells and fuelling; Satellite propulsion; Automotive and Automotive sport; Remotely operated vehicle systems and testing; Aerospace and defence.

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