Human-like Hands for Robots

Replaces humans in difficult, dangerous or dull tasks

A robot with a human-like hand can perform any task a human can - from remote intervention to production assembly - reliably, safely and without fatigue.


We have developed a robotic "hand" that captures the fine movement sensitivity and dexterity of the human hand, in a package that can be deployed on traditional robots.  The hand can be used in two ways - as an improved intelligent gripping device for handling objects, or as a remotely-operated tool allowing dexterous intervention in difficult to reach or hazardous locations. When used as an intelligent gripping device, the hand is able to calculate the correct grasp for holding an object securely, and with sensing is able to retain that grasp when the object is disturbed. This allows the hand to be a truly universal tool for handling objects with robots. When used as a remote tool, a motion capture system tracks the movement of the operator's hand and feeds the data to the remote hand, which can be deployed on a robot arm mounted on a fixed platform or on a vehicle. This means it is possible to perform tasks in hazardous areas or in sterile conditions as if a person was present, but without the risks associated with actual presence.

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