A unique method of delivering uncontaminated, clean diesel fuel to the engine, leaving water and contaminants in the tank, with sensors and IoT enables real-time quality monitoring


The patented iFuelActive unit is a unique, innovative solution to the problem of fuel contamination in diesel engines. Its revolutionary pickup unit uses a floating pickup pipe that draws clean fuel from the top of the tank, thus avoiding the harmful contaminants that settle at the bottom. The addition of sensors and IoT enables real-time monitoring of fuel quality.

Key Benefits

Reduction in costs due to premature fuel filters and parts replacement
Elimination of catastrophic breakdown
Reduction in fuel consumption – likely 5 to 10% range
Reduction in emissions – CO2 5 to 10%, NOx 5 to 15%


Power generation

Currently operating from 6kVA to 3.5MW Diesel engines, worldwide.

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