IMH™ is a PET handle bottle blowing solution where the handle is integrally moulded as part of the Preform.

100% recyclable and reusable with no separation required at the recycler


IMH™, The world's first PET bottle with an integrally moulded handle. Because the handle is moulded in the preform stage IMH™ then blown on high speed rotary blow moulders, IMH™ preform, bottle moulding and filling offer all the market leading benefits of other PET bottles varieties. Developed to offer bottlers and converters a commercially beneficial alternative to extrusion and single stage handle bottle types and also an opportunity to access commercially available food grade PCR.

Key Benefits

  1. Preforms and bottles can be produced using up to 100% food grade PCR.
  2. Production capacity is high speed and scalable.
  3. Preform production can be centralised, reducing freight and total carbon footprint.
  4. Up to 20% reduction in raw material cost.
  5. Patented Globally means exclusivity to well established brands.
  6. Perfect neck seal.
  7. No pin holes from de-flashing.
  8. No sorting at the recycler.
  9. Can be designed for returnable/re-usable applications.
  10. Superior barrier properties.
  11. Material clarity.
  12. Premium appearance.


All bottling applications suited to PET and requiring a handle.



House hold chemical



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