Our team of education & technical experts will develop interactive immersive training scenarios in decontamination best practice


Knowledgeable and trained staff are at the heart of every business. Any new decontamination process will inevitably lead to staff training which is where our innovation comes in.

We can work with you to develop realistic VR scenarios enabling you to train and assess staff in new contamination processes. The training is cost efficient, scalable and accelerates learning. Businesses can overcome the challenges of in person delivery by providing access to on-demand training that compliments existing learning models e.g. effective and consistent role plays.

Learning methods supporting real world knowledge transfer and increase employee engagement.

Key Benefits

On demand - anytime, anywhere
Scalable, realistic and repeatable
Low cost - Can run on Smartphone (Google Cardboard)
Flexible - can create any scenario
Reduces infection transmission risk as training can be undertaken individually


Corporate Learning and Development

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