Our innovation is a natural food additive that can extend the shelf life of fresh-cut products and natural juices, at least 5 times more than the most common existing solutions.


Why we developed ImproVITA?

We developed ImproVITA, a natural-based solution to increase the shelf life of fruits (including fresh cut fruits), vegetables and natural juices. It significantly extends the life span of antioxidants without using artificial preservatives. It is made of 100% natural ingredients being able to replace current banned products (no longer accepted in the market) and to maximize product quality for longer.

How are we unique?

For the first time, a solution based on the nature principles of deep eutectic systems is developed for food applications. ImproVITA is an eutectic mixture with dissolved ascorbic acid, which can extend the life time of this preservative up to 5 times. It is easy to apply in food, versatile, food grade, vegan, natural and allergen-free. It has clear competitive advantages when comparing to other solutions, such as synthetic chemical preservatives, natural stabilizers or techniques to control physico-chemical properties (e.g. modified atmosphere packaging).

ImproVITA can be applied across a very wide spectrum of fruits and is reusable, so you can use a sample in several batches. We have already used it on fruits such as bananas, apples and avocados and the results are very promising. Since it is a liquid solution, it is very easy to use, easily dissolved and can be applied either by sprinkling or dipping. It can also be integrated with other types of treatments and can act as both anti-oxidant and antifungal.

Key Benefits

ImproVITA increases the shelf life, helping to maintain product quality for longer and with less enzymatic browning. With this in mind, partnering with us will help you having a product with the following benefits in the preservation of several types of fruit:

1. Soluble solution that can be applied in different industrial settings and used multiple times;
2. A preservative made exclusively on natural food-grade ingredients;
3. A formulation with a wide range of food applications; From harvested fruit to fresh-cut fruit (e.g IV Range); from common fruits to premium quality fruits (e.g. avocato).

We also highlight the advantage in distribution, as the longer shelf life allows products to be transported for longer and to reach more distant markets, without losing quality.


Our innovation is applicable to the market segments of Food processing industry and Restaurant industry. Our business model is a B2B approach, and our clients are:

- Food producers and distributers;
- IV Range products* Industries;
- Fruit Pulp Industries;
- Catering Companies;
- Supermarkets and Food retailers.

*IV Range products - fruits and vegetables ready for consumption

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