In-Silico Enzyme Engineering

In-Silico Engineering of Enzymes for enhanced thermostability and pH stability

Noor Enzymes is able to leverage on Computational Biology to research, develop and identify novel mutants of enzymes which exhibit properties desired for industrial applications.


Noor Enzymes is able to design and test "In-Silico" mutations which alter specific properties of enzyme proteins of interest to improve their properties and make them more suitable for applications which require specifically altered properties such as enhanced Thermostability or pH stability etc.

Key Benefits

Key benefits include reduced work load for R&D and experimentation in wet labs and focusing on promising candidates which exhibit desired traits in computational studies and simulations. This reduces the time taken to upscale a project to prototype and ready for market stages. It also enables to devise specific strategies for enzyme engineering based on a multi-array of sciences which eventually converge onto the science of biochemistry.


Industrial Enzyme Engineering

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