We use the latest 3D, interactive and XR technologies to create an amazing digital-only version of books and bring them to life, with special only-on-5G content


Inception delivers XR consumer apps in key content categories, by combining a proprietary tech platform, exclusive content IP, cross-platform distribution and a global creative network.
Our main product, Bookful, is the leading 3D/AR children book app. We use the latest 3D, interactive and AR technologies to create an amazing digital-only version of picture books and bring them to life. The app merges the digital and the physical worlds to create an interactive reading experience that instills in children a passion for books. It has a library of hundreds of books and educational activities across fiction and reference.
Bookful has two legs:
B2C version, sold in the app stores, as an annual subscription (afer a free trial), focusing on the US market, with over 1M users and tens of thousands of paying subscribers. It is one of the top 10 grossing apps for kids 6-8 and for Books.
B2B2C version, licensed to 3rd parties which resell/bundle it to their customers after some localization and customization. We focus on telcos who want to offer white-label versions of Bookful to their customers as a flagship use case for 5G, Kids Phones, Smart TV and other premium devices/plans. Our partners to-date are AT&T, LG U+, KDDI, Telkomsel, True, Singtel, Digi, Globe and Verizon.
We are partnering with educational organizations and create an XR layer on top of their curriculum across high school, higher ed, and training.

Key Benefits

Encourage the love of reading
Scientifically proven learning outcomes, improve comprehension and engagement
Productive screen time
Use case of 5G (selected as primary educational app by AT&T, LG, KDDI and China Telecom)


Education and training

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