Inclusive Financial Technology

Bringing a cashless society to millions.

AinFin supports all types of local and cross border payments, enabling efficient execution of national and international transactions and commerce.


By ‘everyone’ we mean not just those with access to a smartphone, or those who live close to an agent… Genuinely everyone. Our ‘Swifin’ solution is channel agnostic, and directly addresses the problem of interoperability. Corporates and other institutions – like microfinance institutions and development agencies – will find that we can help them be more efficient in their operations through the use of our comprehensive mobile payments technology. Simple and Easy - Robust technology with a simple and easy interface which anyone, anywhere can use. Instant settlement - No waiting for the cash to arrive. As soon as it is sent, it arrives. Real-time settlement. Channel agnostic - NFC Card, App, SMS, Online, Via an API or an Agent – it’s all the same to us. International presence - International presence with cross-border real-time settlement capability. Competitive products - Competitive product and pricing in each and every market across the globe. Safe & Secure - Our partner Sedel Capital is licensed by the FCA. Payments are kept safe and secure from the U.K.

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