Increase Area Communications

New innovation PEMF method in increase area communications and availability

With assume down cellular network. PEMF (Method) will increase range area communications and increase signal quality with use point to point Wi Fi 802.xx communication.


With assume down cellular network and any terrestrial structure and not all cell phones can connect with satellite communication. PEMF (Method) is new innovation novel technology that increase reactivity electron move in electromagnetic induction that increase sensitivity of antenna. With use point to point Wi Fi 802.xx communication with increasing range or radius communication and increase signal quality of all kinds of facilities or all kinds of application programs with PEMF method, this technology is compatible and directly attach to cell phone. PEMF method also increase signal quality and radius communication and for normally cellular communication with install it in cell phones case directly and it will not increase dimension of cell phone and will not use additional input power so will not use battery power. Leading in technology, ease to applied for unlimited user, low cost production and reliable.

Key Benefits

Antenna with PEMF method 1. Increase antenna Gain without decreasing beam width (Increase sensitivity of Antenna). It will connect an unconnected before for point to point wireless. 2. Increase range communication in active and passive communication system. 3. Compatible in all kinds of Antenna, all band and all communication system. Without change antenna and communication system PEMF method work compatibly and compatible work in all point to point wireless application program. 4. Increase received of signal quality, Increase of Reliability and availability of signals received. 5. Low cost production and application, And more advantages Increase 15 dB of received signal and increase 600% of range or radius communication each cell phone.


Install small NdFeB N52 magnet inside of cell phones case with opposite position. Dimension of magnet 10% of antenna dimension that based on working prototype it will not disturb signal propagation and cell phone itself. Position of antenna and magnet are inside of magnetic field. Applicate PEMF method in cell Phone with installation small NdFeB N52 magnet near cell phone antenna with certain architecture. Small NdFeB N52 magnet will put inside or implant in side cell phone case and it does not need additional power from battery.

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