Indoor positioning & mapping

Hyper accurate indoor positioning and mapping for airlines and airports.

We have developed a hyper-accurate indoor positioning system that combined with mapping, can guide passengers (including PRMs) through the terminal without additional hardware.


We have combined mapping with hyper-accurate positioning to provide airlines and airports with the ability to help their passengers navigate the terminal more effectively. We also enable the airline to locate the passenger in the airport using the "Gate Agent View" so that premium, PRM and transfer passengers can be easily located, reducing the risk of missed flights stress and disruption. By communicating regularly with passengers and ensuring they have the latest info on their time to gate, users are free to browse and shop in the terminal for longer.

Key Benefits

Connections: *Allows gate agent to ‘see’ where the passenger is anywhere in the terminal *Express passengers can be easily identified *Passengers can self-navigate to the gate reducing likelihood get lost *If integrated with Ready to Fly, can be directed straight to ticket desks *Opens-up possibility of a 45 min MCT *Gate changes can be quickly communicated Premium Special Assistance: *Enables passenger to be independent; support on demand *Airside team can track passenger and meet upon arrival *Information on passengers’ specific needs available prior to travel *Tailored information based on need *Allows tailored service support through the airport. *Support onboard team by giving advance notice of any specific needs


Living Map is dedicated to improving the passenger experience (whilst mitigating risks) through timely and accurate information. Living Map's products are available for integration in airline and airports' proprietary mobile apps. Living Map's SDK's are available for both iOS and Android.

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