We have developed a hyper-accurate indoor positioning system that combined with mapping, can guide customers (including PRMs) through your venue improving the customer experience.


We have combined mapping with hyper-accurate positioning to provide shopping malls with the ability to help their customers navigate the estate more effectively. Our technology is hardware free, so you don't need to manage expensive installations to provide your customers with incredible navigation tools. Our digital maps have a variety of interfaces so whether you view the map with your own mobile device, desktop or a large format digital kiosk, you will get the optimal user interface.

Key Benefits

* Responsive multi-format interface
* One source of the truth for estate maps
* CMS for regular map updates
* infrastructure-free, hyper-local navigation
*Can also be used for data visualisation and IoT sensor installations.
* SDKs for third party integrations
*Leverages Applied Wayfinding's design capability.


Living Map is dedicated to improving the customer experience (whilst mitigating risks) through timely and accurate information. Living Map's products are available for integration in any retailers proprietary mobile apps. Living Map's SDK's are available for both iOS and Android.

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