INDUEYE is a self-powered device, using thermoelectric technology to generate its own energy, eliminating high contaminant and expensive lithium batteries.


By using thermoelectric technology we are able to generate clean and sustainable electricity from heat present in the industry. We take profit of our patented thermoelectric generators to elimiante the lithium batteries from the industrial IoT. Our INDUEYE is a full IoT solution, multisensor capable (vibrations, temperature,…) sending data using long-range communication protocols (LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M), self-powered by the heat from the monitored machinery or process. It works from 50ºC and reduces dramatically the cost of digitalization, the cost of recurrent battery replacements (common in other IoT devices) and the huge environmental impact of lithium batteries. It is also ATEX/IECEX compliant which makes it suitable for almost all industrial sectors. The gathered data from the sensors are send to our cloud-based (AWS) DAEVIS -SaaS. DAEVIS is more than a simple dashboard, it is a full data-management software with capabilities like alarms, user management, graphics and machine learning algorithms. The aim is to help the industry to reduce the cost of maintenance allowing predictive maintenance, reducing the risk of unexpected stops due to machine break-down and to increase the efficiency in processes.

Key Benefits

1) Cost Reduction (CAPEX) in Digitalization compared with wired solutions
2) Cost Reduction compared with other wireless solutions by eliminating recurrent cost of battery replacement
3) Positive Environmental Impact by eliminating high contaminant lithium batteries


Vibration monitoring to prevent failures and reduce maintenance cost in motors, pumps, generators, etc
Vibration monitoring on machinery
Temperature monitoring to prevent failures, to control processes
Steam-leaks detection on steam-traps
Almost any type of monitoring and sensing wirelessly in big industrial facilities

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