Ingredient Risk monitoring

AI-powered ingredient and product risk and opportunity sensing

Signal AI takes the world's data lets users monitor in real-time risks and opportunities across their product stack, concerning ingredients and products covering 3 million sources.


Signal AI takes the world's data covering 3 million news, blogs, regulatory and broadcast outlets and allows users to monitor them for signals of interest or distress relative to entities (ingredients, products, organisations, people, locations and sectors). Our proprietary AI search capability allows users to access data in real-time to monitor and share news critical to their interests. Signal also offers an adaptive machine learning capability so domain experts can digitise their expertise into software. With specific relation to Ingredient Risk - Signal AI offers a means to monitor and understand macro trends, listen to conversations and sense check trends or potential risks related to entities or ingredients of interest. And finally critically Signal offers the ability to rank these relative risks against one another. All based up on external data, covering one of the largest news and regulatory datasets available in market today.

Key Benefits

Real-time, unlimited and smart AI-powered monitoring ensuring you can identify needles in the haystacks. Signal also offers an unparalleled dataset with a unique and diverse view of the worlds news and regulators.


Core applications include Risk sensing across Brand and Consumer insights or reputation monitoring, Ingredient or Supply chain monitoring, and perception scoring relative to ESG across investment portfolios.

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