we supply a solution that USE small GPS devices to see how people use Vehicles. This data we can then show if an EV is a suitable alternative. Also works for V2G, proven to work


CleanCar is a solution that is helping companies and car users in the UK to make the switch from Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICE) to Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (EV). Its success comes from being able to prove a driver’s suitability to an EV while also demonstrating the Cost-Benefit of making the switch. The system has the unique ability to cut through indifference and misinformation about EV by proving the facts and the benefits. We do the following: • Enable users to switch to EV • Charge Point Infrastructure and Optimisation • Smart charging and grid demand • Demand response and Vehicle 2 Grid projects. CleanCar www.cleancar.io is a solution that to date has been used for around 70 separate EV fleet reviews and follows a very simple process: 1. Step: We work with a Fleet/Organisations to try and understand which users or groups of users are most likely to be suited to the restrictions and benefits of an EV 2. Step 2: A small GPS device is sent to these drivers, after that the device is placed in the 12v Cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle. 3. Step 3: The driver simply goes about their routine as normal. When the vehicle is used the GPS position of the vehicle is recorded and sent via the mobile network to our big data portal. 4. Once a suitable amount of data is recorded (anything from 2 weeks to 3 months depending upon requirements) the user can log in to see: a. Are they suited to an Electric Vehicle b. Which EV’s are best suited to their needs c. What will be the cost/saving of making the switch compare do a new version of their current vehicle d. What is the ideal location and type of charge point 5. A report is provided (if necessary) to a fleet manager or manager of the organisation outlining the above.

Key Benefits

It means that companies and individuals can make the switch to EV and infrastructure investments without risk, We answer all the questions, will it work?, what will it cost? will i save any money? what type and how many do I need. It's quick, it's proven and it works


Help a Fleet to switch to EV Help a company such as an energy company to enable its customers (consumers) to switch to EV Assist with infrastructure planning. Smart City Planning Help consumers make the switch to EV Assist councils with their EV infrastructure plans

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