Looking to connect businesses to their 2 million users made up of pupils, parents, job seekers, and students.


The aim is to get more people from more backgrounds involved in STEM careers and to build an exciting world of work for our future workforce.

By offering a science curriculum to schools and a careers and recruiting platform for the whole family they are connecting the world of work to learning.

The path to success is ensuring employers, trainers and students are all part of that journey. With over 2 million members, the service provides the most effective way to bring pupils, trainers and employers together, connecting the world of work and learning.

The energy sector, along with others, is required to address the gender and ethnic imbalance amongst its engineers. To do this, the government has set specific targets to increase apprenticeship and training opportunities, particularly for those underrepresented. Creating talent pipelines can no longer be left to chance and a sustainable, innovative solution is required to even out the gender and ethnic imbalance in these sectors.

Key Benefits

The platform creates the right talent pipeline, at the right time, in the right place. Which allows partners to push out the right industry messaging through the curriculum and careers resources.

Through AI, they suggest actions to optimise engagement based on user data to determine which careers to push out to users based on their profiles and platform interactions.

The platform enables partners to:

- Have access to exciting, new emerging talent

- Track how users are engaging with lessons/content

- Follow how the users are interacting with employment training

- Access trend analysis which displays popularity of lessons/content, careers and employment training

- Analyse trends with regards to regions and which topics are receiving the most engagement


Developing talent pipelines for STEM-related industries enabling partners to track their return on investment, optimising campaigns when needed.

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