Express is the expedited version of our complete mobile SDK experience that allows mapping and wayfinding functionality without installing an app, simply through QR, NFC or links.


Pointr is a global leader in indoor location, mapping and wayfinding. Our technology is highly scalable and high-performance. We have digitized more than 4 billion sqft for eleven Fortune 100 companies, across 27 countries, in 3,000+ buildings. We are trusted by key industry players such as Cisco, Microsoft, Siemens, Extreme Networks, CBRE, ISS, DHS, and many others. Pointr has delivered similar solutions for over 25 international airports globally including Dubai Airports, Hamad International Airport, Boston Logan Airport and is now pioneering the Airport 'Instant app experience' truly solving the challenge of immediate passenger engagement in Airports.

Key Benefits

In our experience, the key components Airports require for successful wayfinding are: The most accurate indoor positioning. A content management system (CMS) designed to manage your digital maps, map content, wayfinding configurations, and beacon topology. Interactive 2D, 2.5D,3D digital maps that support worldwide view. Dynamic and intuitive wayfinding. Accessibility functionality enabled through our close partnership with Okeenea and their Evelity application.


Airport passenger terminals, extending into all adjacent spaces such as car parking and access routes. Pointr supports full indoor/outdoor transitions and are not limited to only in-building wayfinding. We seamlessly deliver end-to-end routing from external facilities such as train & bus stations and car parks. The solution also operates offline and so is ideal for underground locations such as Heathrow Express and the Underground. Also applicable to staff operating in the facility, so ramp, maintenance and cargo areas are additional use-cases.

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