Integrated Digital Workspace

The better way to work.

Matterway helps employees be more productive. Its Integrated Digital Workspace makes their apps at work, as easy to use as the ones in their personal lives.


Matterway helps enterprises with an age-old problem: Complex and fragmented IT systems along the value chain are a massive drag on employee productivity. We do so by giving end-users the Integrated Digital Workspace (IDW) – a much simplified interface that automates manual work across systems. As a result, end-users spend less time on system administration and more time on high-value activities, such as talking to customers. We are the only provider that offers this technology ‘non-invasively’. This means that the system architecture remains untouched, no data is compromised and implementation is 5x faster than with alternatives.

Key Benefits

Matterway drives operational excellence and helps return the investment into your IT systems through: - Higher productivity with less time spent on admin and fewer data entry errors - Cost reduction through FTE savings and lower training and onboarding costs - Transparent, standardized processes granting management new insights and simplifying compliance - Happier staff and a more attractive workplace


We joined the Fintech Innovation Lab to discover use cases from the Financial Services industry. So far, we have found plenty of use cases across many other industries ranging from automotive to pharmaceuticals. A typical example: At a large automotive company, hundreds of operational buyers use more than five different complex systems to manage the ordering process for new suppliers. Typically more than 60% of buyer’s time is spent on administering them at the expense of high-value activities, such as preparing negotiations with suppliers. With Matterway’s IDW the client’s employees now get their work done in 40% less time. We believe that use cases like this one, where employee productivity significantly impacts business performance, exist in any industry. We are keen to meet innovative leaders from the financial services industry that help us discover theirs!

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