600 million people don't have access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa, those that do in Kenya pay 37% of their salary towards power compared to 5% here in the UK. In Kenya, there are regular blackouts since traditional batteries fail in the heat and prevent both grid regulation and electricity being available at night.


The solution is called a bundle. Each bundle is formed up of a 30MWp solar farm, a 35MWh energy storage system and an assembly line to assemble everything in Kenya. They develop the site of each bundle, work with a local EPC contractor to build the solar farm and then connect the site to local businesses needing power. Rock46 works with local stakeholders to utilise existing, "best in class" technology in order to deliver reliable and affordable power solutions to the sub-Saharan region. The combination of their technologies boosts the efficiency of a solar farm to 33%, the lifetime to over 30 years and is on track to bring the price down from $18 cents/kWh to $6.9 cents/kWh.

Key Benefits

55,000 Tonnes of CO2 removed per year per 30MW installed compared to traditional power

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