INTELLI-LINK®, Unifies Disconnected Consumer Identities, Enhances “On-Target” Consumer Marketing Profiles, and deploys targeted & precise Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns.


AGR Marketing Solutions, LLC is known for blending diverse and unique data with innovative linking technologies to create highly precise “On-Target” Consumer Marketing Profiles and High-Performance Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns from traditional direct mail to location based mobile marketing.

AGR’s newest marketing solution, INTELLI-LINK® Onboarding, Unifies Disconnected Consumer Identities & Enhances our “On-Target” Marketing Profiles. INTELLI-LINK® combats the Consumer Identity Crisis that faces today’s marketers. This crisis continues to evolve as identity attributes change more frequently, the Internet introduces new and diverse identity components, and consumers interact on-line with various degrees of anonymity on multiple devices - aka the Internet of Things (IoT).

INTELLI-LINK® addresses these challenges with innovative interrogation and linking technology that analyzes a consumer’s presence, frequency and recency across compliant data sources and channels. Understanding these intersections provides more reliable and deeper consumer insight for analyzing consumer behavior, predicting "Path to Purchase" behavior, targeting personalized messages and developing, deploying and optimizing strategic Omni-Channel marketing plans.

AGR Data Sources that feed INTELLI-LINK® include demographic, psycho graphic, on-line customer interaction data (such as APP downloads and search activity), Geo-location / location based data (such as location history & travel patterns), internet opt-in and application data across multiple industries (such as loan applications), Automotive VIN data, Auto Insurance, Auto Warranty, Motorcycle, Consumer Finance, Cell Phone, Veterans, Political, Smoker, and much more.

WHEN... INTELLI-LINK® is combined with our:

1. Device ID Digital Social Media Ad Network, and

2. Omni-Channel Turnkey marketing strategy, analytics and infrastructure

Our are integrated solutions are UNMATCHED in providing:

1. Dynamic marketing & data linking innovation,

2. Depth and breadth of expertise, product & service to create a cohesive End-End Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy,

3. Omni-channel campaign deployment platforms & infrastructure, and

4. On-going optimization analytics & methodology.

Weather a client chooses data only or full turnkey service, the goal is help marketers to deliver individualized offers that match the consumer’s interests, through the marketing media(s) that they use, at the time they are most likely to act. The result is better served consumers and higher ROI on marketing investments.

Industries served include Automotive, Auto Warranty, Auto Insurance, Automotive Service, Automotive Products, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Consumer Credit, Financial Services, Direct Mail, On-line & Email Marketing, Consumer Data Companies, and Advertising & Marketing Agencies.

From increasing foot traffic to physical locations to driving internet responses - AGR marketing solutions perform across products, services and industries!

Key Benefits

Path to Purchase Predictions
Just in time marketing messages
Increase foot traffic
Understand your competitors
Precisely target new customers
On-board & nurture new customers
Retain latent customers
Reactivate / recover lost customers
Design variable offers and messaging that work
Design and deploy omni-channel contact strategies


Needs Based Marketing
Dynamic Consumer Profiling
Consumer Target Marketing
Personalized Consumer Marketing
Contextualized Target Marketing
Personalized Marketing Messages
Location Based Marketing
Geo-Fence Marketing
Content Marketing
Direct Response Marketing
Multi-Channel Marketing
Consumer Marketing
Business to Business Marketing
New Customer Acquisition
New Customer On-boarding
Existing Customer Retention & Growth
Latent Customer Reactivation
Lost Customer Reactivation / Recovery
Digital & Social Media Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing
Customer Database Enhancement
Prospect Database Enhancement
Marketing Analytics
Marketing Campaign Optimization
Marketing Campaign Planning & Design
Market Analysis

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