Our solution simplifies and automates the midterm planning process, rapidly delivering an optimised plan to reduce production costs and increases agility


Midterm planning is complex and difficult. It balances uncertain demand forecasts, minimising production costs and the need to respond quickly to changes in supply & demand.

Our solution enables users to rapidly generate and optimise midterm group plans using AI and automation, cutting days off the planning cycle. It facilitates immediate strategic "what if" planning that traditionally took weeks. Our solution plugs into existing core planning engines, delivering go-live in weeks without costly core system upgrades.

Endow your planners with superpowers to plan for the unplannable. Bridge over and connect silos: organizational, process and data. Keep your ERP and unleash the data trapped inside it to produce optimised, synchronised plans in minutes. Augment your planners’ experience and intuition with intelligent algorithms and automation. Simulate any manufacturing situation at will, in minutes. Be guided to focus on what truly matters. More efficiency, more value, less fuss.

The result is a more dynamic, agile and resilient supply chain that responds to risks and opportunities in time to make a difference.

Key Benefits

5% increase in line utilisation
25% reduction in changeover cost
£10Mn revenue increase (potential)
20% reduction in inventory (potential)
40% reduction in lead time (potential)
20% increase in schedule adherence (potential)


Transforming production planning for manufacturers

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