Intelligent Self-Service

Intelligent self-service framework for effortless customer support experiences

Customers want quick answers, easy interactions and instant access to information and issue resolution. Our solutions deliver consistent, contextual, and personalised experiences.


How will companies support the increasing demand for excellent B2B and B2C self-service support? It’s all about intelligent self-service. The solutions are wide-ranging: from knowledge bases, online communities, chatbots and even voice search via Alexa. The new self-service technology tools that 4 Roads implements for an array of organisations are incredible. Customers can simply talk or type questions as if they are conversing with a person, and the technology will determine what they want and take the necessary action to resolve the question quickly. 4 Roads is now calling on 10 years experience of implementing self-service solutions and is developing a framework called "Social Stack". Social Stack is a modular application framework that is designed to be a cloud solution. Utilising web services and serverless architecture, the platform aims to provide a building block system that allows for any self-service solution to be built in the cloud.

Key Benefits

Providing easily accessible web self-service options to a customer enables users to get instant answers using the self-service solution of their choice, i.e. voice, knowledge base etc so that they can continue the customer journey without interruption.


Our target market are customer support operations who want to deliver best-in-class customer self-service

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