A unique and patented Low Flow Controller (LFC) can be installed to any volumetric water meter.


iFlow intelligent flow control provides unique, patented and highly disruptive water flow management products and solutions for the water Utility sector that measure and manage the finest droplets of water flow to a Utility customer.

The iFlow intelligent Low Flow Controller improves the efficiency of the Water Utility meters and provides immediate and significant financial returns whilst also improving water management in residential and commercial premises.

Key Benefits

1. Measures low flow water (LFW)
2. Enables low flow water (LFW) to be REMOVED from leakage stats
3. Compensates for meter degradation
4. Helps extend life of meter
6. Reduces loss of revenue from low flow water (LFW) and meter installations
7. Acts as non-return valve
8. No capex, off-balance sheet acquisition deployment options if required
9. Minimal installation costs when co-installed with new meter
10. Fully funded installation options for retro-fit to legacy meters
11. Optimisation of water metering - increases water meter efficiency
12. Low-cost solution for water meter purchasing – No need to purchase more expensive meters to improve metering accuracy
13. Extension of the Water Meter’s life – replacement due to inaccuracy of ageing meters can be postponed, as LFC corrects the meter improving its life expectancy
14. Lifespan of up to 15 years
15. Flexibility – the controllers are designed to fit any pipe
16. LFC acts as a non-return valve – minimal pressure drops
17. Energy saving – due to optimisation of pressure drop


The unique and patented Low Flow Controller (LFC) can be installed to any volumetric water meter, therefore enabling the meter to measure ALL low water flows from the first drop.

Once installed, Water Utilities will be able to immediately identify unregistered water used by their clients, and reduce their current reported leakage figures.

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