Learning from each customer's unique signal and behaviour, we deliver a personalised promotion at the right time in the users journey.


4 Roads is now calling on 14 years experience of implementing self-service solutions and is developing a framework called "Social Stack". Social Stack is a modular application framework that is designed to be a cloud solution. Utilising web services and serverless architecture, the platform aims to provide a building block system that allows for any self-service solution to be built in the cloud.

The intents based promotion engine predict shoppers intent by learning from each visitors signals and digital behaviour in real-time. It then delivers the optimum promotion needed on each and every session to ensure that online shoppers complete their journey and return as repeat customers.

Key Benefits

Drive retention and loyalty

Align promotions with inventory

Keep a healthy brand perception

Protect marketing channel ROI


The intents based promotion engine is suitable for brands that have an online presence and e-commerce capability

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