Our interactive experience allows dance music lovers to participate to virtual performances while being able to interact with each other.


Our virtual dance festival is an opportunity to engage friends to participate in a global event with their friends without leaving home.
It’s hard to accept today’s reality that live events are will not be possible for the immediate future, so we decided to create a virtual event where friends can experience live music performances while socially interacting through video.

At DanceTelevision we have 20 years of experience in organising, filming and streaming dance music events with international artists such as Carl Cox, Clapton, and Solomun, at events like Elrow, Mysteryland, and Untold.

New tech allows us to deliver this content in a new and socially engaging way, giving the users the opportunity to become active participants of the festival, choosing to hang out with friends to different "music rooms" and to be invited into VIP rooms to hang out with the artists themselves.

Every aspect of the experience can be customized to reflect the brand's needs, from the aspect of the rooms to the video aspect of the live music.

Key Benefits

Our solution is a live event like no other: because of the possibility to assist to it together with friends, it adds a viral layer to an otherwise "normal" streaming where friends can hang out together from different locations. Tickets to the live event can be distributed by brands in pairs or as "group tickets", generating word of mouth.


Our solution can be used to raise brand awareness and to generate consumer engagement dynamics among the users (e.g. by streaming promotional codes within the festival in special "engagement areas")

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