The interactive ‘clickable’ video allows more meaningful and engaging story telling, allowing you to segment the market and appeal to different consumers enhancing brand engagement


Eventopedia connects brand owners and organisations to critical information and insights to help them control & manage their event marketing activity and corporate communications. In today’s fast paced competitive landscape, our unique portfolio of engaging and efficient technologies gives our clients the competitive advantage.

Eventopedia combines event professionals of 30 years experience with ex-BBC, BAFTA award winning & International Emmy nominated, TV Director of 19 years experience in programme making.  We deliver cutting edge video technology designed to promote corporate events and extend the lifetime of event communications, adding value to corporate sponsors through increased visibility, calls to action and direct connectivity to their own digital channels.  One of the effects of the added value to sponsors is the opportunity for organisations to increase total sponsorship revenue to reflect the extended visibility, direct connectivity and added benefits to their sponsors.


Digital Marketing for Hotels & Event Venues

Eventopedia provides a suite of digital marketing solutions to hotels & venues promoting meetings & events spaces to corporate planners and PA’s.

Event planners can easily find relevant event suppliers utilising a powerful search & match tool that also functions with keyword searches
Supplier reviews published by the community of event planners provides peers with reliable and current information on suppliers
We don’t charge commission or advertising, boasting a democratic and independent platform. 

Virtual Site Inspection

An immersive interactive video designed to deliver the relevant information specific to the venues’ events space, engaging each user according to the information important to you
Called the Eventopedia Virtual Site Inspection, the system is fast to film with interactive information links within the engaging content. 
The technology has been designed by a unique collaboration between industry experts and BAFTA Award winning television producers. 
The video’s interactive element allows the event professional to access the individually relevant information on the venue at the time they want to without missing out on the rest of the video content. This could be anything from information graphic on the capacity charts to a side video on the sustainable in-house catering.
Sharing the content directly through social media links is very easy making the video an excellent promotional tool.
A long-term advantage of the video for the venue is its ability to increase sales conversion & reduce unnecessary site inspections.
Our interactive videos are also used by corporate event planners who wish to create interactive video from their event, which extends brand communications, advocacy, and enhances sponsor return on investment

See Inside – Business View

Utilising Google Business View, we provide users with the ability to take a full See Inside 360º tour of a venue

iPad Presentor

A simple and engaging tool that allows sales & marketing professionals to showcase any materials (images, PDF’s, video, presentations, web links) to a customer 
All materials can instantly be sent to the customer ensuring follow up is complete

Aggregate Video Engagement Stats 14th April – 20th July 2015 (98 days) – 5 Videos

2230 sessions
1776 unique users
52.38% engagement (Engagement = users who visit more than one video, navigate or access information displays).
36% clicked on in-video information buttons
21% of audiences watched more than one Eventopedia video

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