Providing investment solutions for Muslims via Robo Advice, DIY or External IFAs


Relying on a combined 25 years+ of experience in the investment industry, we have built/designed 5 different Islamic investment portfolios which carry different levels of risk/reward. The models have been optimised against 60 possible different outcomes to ensure the best risk/reward relationship per mandate and backtested greater than 6 years.

Key Benefits

The market at present either caters for high risk or wealthy individuals.

Our approach means investment solutions will be made available for all through various platforms.

Example of a target market.

Uber currently have 70,000 drivers of which approx 52,000 are Muslim, the average salary per driver is £38,000 and Pension contributions are 8%, yearly value £156m (revenue to be reoccuring and growing per year)


3.3million UK Muslims, before growing overseas

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