IRI DarkShield is software for the classification, discovery, extraction, restructuring, audit, and de-identification of data in unstructured sources like documents, logs, images.


Primarily used in GDPR and data-centric security engagements, IRI DarkShield provides for data classification, discovery, extraction, and de-identification of data found through pattern searches, NER models, path filters, bounding boxes, etc. within unstructured text, log, and email files, as well as relational and NoSQL DBs with unstructured data, plus PDF and Office documents, image formats, and faces. You can use DarkShield for unstructured data ingestion and restructuring, compliance with GDPR right to be forgotten and rectification provisions, safe archival and more. It is a sister product, and compatible with, IRI FieldShield for structured files and databases, and IRI CellShield EE, purpose built for finding and masking data in Excel spreadsheets.

Key Benefits

* Rapid and simultaneous identification and masking/deletion of PII in multiple sources speeds GDPR compliance efforts * Efficient data ingestion and restructuring in conjunction to give structure and function to data in unstructured sources * Compatibility with IRI FieldShield and CellShield EE data classes and masking functions assures multi-source consistency


GDPR, archival, data discovery and injestion, textual ETL, data classification, data breach nullification

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