The Flint Iso mat technology is solution for managing temperature in multiple applications including battery packs. Currently in development for both small and large vehicles.


The Flint Iso Mat is a thermal management solution with optimised energy transfer in a cost effective way. Current applications include building and roofing panels for Zero Carbon buildings, refrigeration solutions reducing retail store refrigeration costs by over 20%. Battery temperature management maintaining all cells within 1C with a robust market ready solution.

Key Benefits

When used within battery packs our solution is a cost effective method for providing optimal thermal conditions for batteries, both heating and cooling. The Iso mat not only improves charging times increases outputs but also improves safety. All in a why that is more cost effective than current solutions


Battery thermal management, EV and static. Retail refrigeration improving food longevity and reducing cost. Building making it easy to build zero carbon buildings. Medical improves the quality of temperature sensitive medicines and vaccines, by guaranteeing stable temperatures whilst in storage and transport.

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