It's Fresh shelflife extension

Enabling a new generation of functional sustainable packaging!

This project aims to create a range of ethylene controlling substrates, specifically sustainable berry pads to extend the life, reduce waste, and enhance quality.


Our aim is to demonstrate how our new ethylene controlling formulation which contains our unique e+active, and apply it directly onto various substrates (including paper/cardboard pads, and films such as BOPP, HDPE/LDPE, PET, RPET). These materials can then be used as primary functional flexible packaging used end-to-end in the supply chain directly replacing standard packaging. These new Its Fresh! material can be used for a whole range of new applications, e.g: • Pulp pads • Shrivel sheets/transit liners for use during transport • Flow wraps • Degradable/compostable films

Key Benefits

Whilst plastic packaging is being viewed more negatively by consumers, the use of “functional packaging” in the fresh produce sector (eg. flow wrap, MAP) increases shelf life and reduces waste. The integration of our technology will eliminate the need for our current filter, and instead integrate our technology on a sustainably produced pad that is already in place with berry punnets; enabling control of ethylene from the moment of harvest when the fruit is picked in the punnet, to the point of the consumers table.


The technology is aimed at any ethylene sensitive fruit, vegetable or flowers- however for the aspects of this trial we are focussing on berry fruit (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries) and adding teh technology to a pad coated with our technology.

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