Creating seamless shopping experience in any store via our app.

Leading the evolution of communication, shopping and payment in a connected world.


jisp is a start-up company based in Alton, Hampshire, that uses cutting-edge technology to lead the evolution of communication, shopping and payment in a connected world through its app. It is the first company in the UK to introduce its brand-new service called jispGO that empowers any retailer in the UK to create a seamless shopping experience, where customers simply “walk-in, shop and go”. The service mirrors the AmazonGO experience, but unlike its American rival, jispGO can be integrated into any store at a fraction of the cost, enabling companies to keep their brand. From creating a frictionless customer journey in-store to providing allergen and nutritional value information to connecting passengers to their gates at an airport, jisp’s innovative solutions empower any industry to deliver the best customer experience exactly how they need. For more details on everything jisp has to offer please visit our website: www.jisp.com

Key Benefits

For customers using jispGO it’s all about convenience, the ability to access instant information, such as allergens and nutritional value, receive recipe tips, complete shopping lists and continuous access to e-receipts. Deploying our system removes the need for physical tills and queueing, as shopping is done four-times faster through our app. Retailers can focus on training their staff to be shopping advisors, giving valuable advice to customers on the day and assisting them with their decision-making. jispGO therefore provides the ultimate convenience whilst maximising sales and reducing costs.


jisp can be integrated into any retail and convenience stores at a fraction of the cost, allowing companies to keep their branding. We also provide solutions for airports, where passenger flow is improved with people able to receive instant point-to-point directions, time to gate, restaurant and lounge availability, and food and duty-free products pre-ordering via the jisp app. For hospitality jisp can offer interactive menus and special offers tailored to the needs of their customers, as well as instant access to allergen and nutritional information. Alongside our services for retail and hospitality, we have just launched a solution for major brands, including Unilever and Coca-Cola, creating a compliance application, called Digital Passport, that tracks fixed retail display units. These interactive units contain our Near Field Communication (NFC) stickers, allowing shoppers to tap for information and/or purchase products on display. The solution was presented to Unilever, who noted jisp had solved the biggest dilemma for brands using Floor Standing Display Units (FSDU) – the inability to track the delivery of units to stores and to measure the performance of a specific unit or product.

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