jisp KNOW

Assisting passengers from check-in into airside and through to the gate

jisp’s in-store, hospitality and geo-located information zones provide visitors important details and a turn by turn guide to locate check-in, lounges and gates.


With jisp, passengers will never be lost or late again. jisp’s geo-located information zones can be placed around airports to provide visitors with important details from check-in times to lounge information. Passengers can use the app to check restaurant availability, pay for duty free products, book in-flight meals, and take the stress out of travelling. "I want to increase passenger spend." Airports can easily become a stressful location for passengers that are pressed for time, with only 16% purchasing anything. Using jisp solutions, passengers can use their smartphones to receive product information and pay on their mobile anywhere in-store. jisp alerts staff when a customer needs assistance, giving them the option to up-sell and suggest product bundles. "I want to improve passenger flow." Put an end to overcrowded areas and lost passengers by placing jisp’s geo-located information zones around airports. Passengers can receive point-to-point directions, check-in information, time to gate details and more. “I want to improve continued customer relationship.” Customer relationships shouldn’t end the instant passengers step on a plane. jisp offers a platform to continue contact through personalised notifications based on a customer’s interests and shopping habits. “I want to create a personalised airport experience.” Reduce passenger stress and frustration by offering passengers the ability check restaurant and seating lounge availability through the app to avoid busy areas. Give customers the option to effortlessly pre-order food, drink and duty-free items ready for the flight ahead.

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