jispGO is a secure solution for shops to provide a seamless walk-in, 100% friction free shopping and payment service with age verification and shrinkage safeguards.


A frictionless shopping experience that combines instant product capture for shoppers, unrivalled information with videos, social and a unique allergy and food preference engine to ensure your customers are informed and alerted where appropriate. 

jispGO has a secure solution for customer check-in and check-out (if required by the retailer) or a walk-in, shop & leave solution, which includes age verification, high value item monitor (via product profiling), random and/or product-specific checks to minimise shrinkage. 

jispGO is easily deployed with fast integration into existing POS systems.

With specially coded reusable/disposable NFC stickers embedded in price labels, on shelf talkers, on shelf edges or even on the product itself, the customer can start shopping simply by tapping their smartphone against a sticker. Products are instantly loaded into the shopper’s (virtual) basket and paid for via the app, no need for queueing. 

jispGO is comfortably four times faster than scanning.

Key Benefits

For shoppers it’s all about convenience, the ability to access instant information, receive recipe tips and allergen alerts, complete shopping lists and the means to pay without having to queue.

For the convenience store, supermarket or petrol forecourt jispGO delivers unrivalled analytics on product selection by demographics, improves in-store conversions, lowers operational costs and reduces consumer shopping fatigue. Connect with your customers' lifestyles, secure loyalty by finding the products and offers your shoppers want to buy from your store and not from competitors.

jispGO can be integrated into any shop and will work with any existing POS.


Stores are available branded within the jisp app and delivered over iOS and Android devices.

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