A Blockchain powered API to boost control, accountability and trust.


Data sharing accelerates business yet brings risks. Shared spreadsheets are prone to errors. Big Enterprise data platforms exclude small yet vital players. All-or-nothing data shares give too much or not enough. Paperwork can't deliver on time. Audits look back and don't help in the moment of truth. None of these methods guarantee all see the same data and hold to account those who make changes.

Blockchain and Enterprise Shared Ledgers can solve these challenges, but building a consortium is hard.

Jitsuin Archivist is an Enterprise API built on Blockchain that is easy to adopt, integrate, maintain and onboard collaboration partners at a pace that suits everyone.

Blockchain Gain, No Pain!

Key Benefits

EASY CONFIDENCE : Make faster, better business decisions with verified trust in data. Eliminate second-guessing and act decisively.
CONTROL COLLABORATION : Share data with high definition control. Give users what they need to know and no more.
BOOST QUALITY, REDUCE RISK : Efficiently reveal data blind-spots in your supply chains and collaborate to lower cost of quality, risk and safety.
STREAMLINE COMPLIANCE : Continuously prove compliance with a verifiable record for automated audit. Prove when who did what to anything.


ASSET TRACKING : Track & trace any asset interaction with a provable chain of custody.
INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY CHAINS : Share data from suppliers while protecting trade secrets.
MAINTENANCE REPAIR & OVERHAUL : Build high integrity shared histories of where who did what to a Thing.
CHANGE CONTROL : Connect change control data stores to track, trace and fix faults fast.
DIGITAL TWINS : Security Twins prove integrity and trustworthiness of Digital Twins.
SAFETY COMPLIANCE : Continuously track and trace compliance to regulations.
INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY : Track cybersecurity supply chain vulnerabilities to meet regulations.

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