JournalTOCs collates and personalises the latest scholarly journals immediately delivering an alert to your email inbox when any "article of interest" to you is published.



JournalTOCs has amassed the largest searchable collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs) with more than 23,000 journals from over 1,250 global publishing houses It includes the highest rated journals in their fields, guaranteeing quality results.

Available 24/7, JournalTOCs is hosted in a secure server environment with technical support on hand to answer your queries. Through a simple license arrangement, our team is in a position to provide cost effective customisation of the interface allowing easy access to JournalTOCs database to academic, research, commercial and institutional libraries and resource centres worldwide.

This technology solves 

Academics, researchers and companies face increasing difficulties in keeping up to date with cutting edge research and development in their fields.

JournalTOCs is a “real-time awareness service” and has been created to solve these difficulties by ensuring subscribers are immediately notified of new research published in all current journal articles in areas of specific interest to them.

Benefits & features:

• Customisable searching with personalized or institutional options
• Generates alert directly to your email inbox when new research matches your needs
• Browsable by publisher, subject area etc.
• Provide customised API applications to use the large database of TOCs
• Search millions of papers from the current journal issues
• Track journals that are relevant to your institutional / library subscriptions
• Provide a personalized current awareness service delivered in real time
• Save and export the content of journal TOCs – analytics
• Integrate current awareness with library subscription systems
• Provide customisable services for institutions with a super-admin-user capability

We offer access to JournalTOCs via a customised interface through a simple license/ subscription agreement.


“It is a wonderful resource that enables users to retrieve journal Tables of Content in a second” Hervé Basset from Science Intelligence and InfoPros

“…absolutely fantastic! It is exactly the functionality we are looking for.” Mogens Jensen from Novo Nordisk A/S

“JournalTOCs is one of those things where I don’t understand why more library people aren’t raving about it.”

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