Transition your organisation from keys to secure/authenticated access through smartphones.


Klevio is a digital access control platform.
- Open any door from anywhere.
- Share & revoke keys digitally without meeting in person.
- Identify who opened a door & when.
- Create time-limited, geofenced, single-use, or re-shareable keys.

Manage via the Klevio app, the Klevio dashboard, or your own applications with the Klevio API.

Klevio is suitable for owners & managers of residential or commercial property.

Key Benefits

- Universal: Compatible with all types of doors/locks/intercom systems. Works with communal & private doors.
- Cloud-based: Utilises BLE, WiFi, LTE networks. You do not need to be in front of door to open.
- Mains powered: Does not solely rely on battery power. Can have battery as backup.
- Retrofit: Can keep existing locks & keys and use them in tandem with digital access.


Transition from physical to digital key management in the following sectors:
- Rentals (including short-term/vacation rentals, lettings, BTR, co-living)
- Property owners/operators (including Residential Managing Agents, PRS)
- Office space operators (offices & co-working spaces)
- Commercial (retail, studios, gyms)
- Logistics (warehousing/distribution)

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